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Things About Singapore

This is all I have to show for four days out of town. Oh, and I came up with these during the trip.

– You’re never stuck in traffic for long.
– The trees here are quite abundant compared to the Philippines.
– Most residential buildings here are high-rise condos.
– There are a lot of expensive cars plying the streets.
– Some things change (there’s something that looks like the London Eye being built).
– Some things never change (the taxis still have that unique taxi smell, oddly enough).
– People take off their shoes before entering someone’s home.
– Plastic spoons are a boon when eating chicken rice liberally doused in hoisin sauce.
– Singaporeans (and some Filipinos I know) love their chili crab.
– The MRT there is ‘most excellent’.
– There are a lot of books available here, but they’re pretty expensive too.
– Fake console games can be bought here as well.
– A giant durian houses a theater.
– The phone numbers have eight digits.
– Some Singaporeans don’t speak English.
– There are E-Class taxis, for crying out loud.
Malls can be found underground.
– The McDo there doesn’t sell Quarter Pounders.
– You could probably go from one end of the island to the other in two hours or so.
– There are parts in the mass there where the mass-goers bow to the altar.

It might not be a full-length article, but at least it’s an improvement over my previous inability to write anything except flatliners (and even then with an effort) which had been going on for the past few weeks.

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