By Joe

Exactly three hundred words long.

The boy sat with his hands supporting his chin, wondering how he would deal with the coming end of summer vacation. Only a couple of weeks left, he said to himself. He had made no preparations for the start of classes yet: his paperwork was blank, his clothes were long-forgotten, and he had absolutely no idea when the enrollment was. He would have let his parents do it, but since entering high school, they deemed him old enough to take care of himself in that regard. I guess I’m in quite the pickle.

Why do I loathe school so damned much? He gave it a little thought, and the answer came to him. Let’s see: one, I don’t really learn anything important there, two, my friends aren’t really friends, and three, they have too many rules over there. Yeah, that seems right. Understanding his loathing did nothing to resolve his school issues, however—instead it simply made him wish even more that he did not have to return to school at the end of summer.

The reason I love summer so much, I guess, is that there’s just so many things you can do with all that time. He remembered biking like a madman around his village, and recalled the expression on his sister’s face when she woke up to find her room full of what turned out to be rubber cockroaches (after lengthy emotional trauma, that is), but he felt that those accomplishments were nothing compared to what he had just pulled off. It was hard finding a time when the place was empty, and it was even harder procuring all that C4, but I think—I know—it was worth it, as he stood up and turned around, looking upon the blasted remains of what was his school.

Erm, in case I didn’t make it clear, the first paragraph has the guy wondering what he would do if he did have to go back to school.


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