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Love Poetry

Something I wrote for Creative Writing. It’s titled “Ahhh.” Don’t forget to read until the end, too. Continue reading ‘Love Poetry’


Ramayana As Recompense

If you remember first year, we had this thing called a “class play”. If you were my classmate and/or close friend and/or acquaintance in first year too, then you would remember my contribution to our play–a fantastic one at that: I was co-director. If your definition for co-director is “transcendental slacker who leaves job to others”, that is. Needless to say, I was about as useful as an umbrella in the middle of El Nino. Subsequently I have felt regret at my actions, partially because my lack of involvement in the play got me a 1.25 in English.

So, now that we have another play in third year (the Ramayana), I’ve resolved not to slack off in this one. If you’re reading this and you’re my classmate, wish me luck. If you’re from another section, well, good luck to you. Anyway, I think I’m doing well so far, but since the play isn’t until the end of August, only time will tell. Although I will admit that it’s hard being Vishnu, especially when you only have two arms.

P.S.: Just felt like that.

P.P.S.: Also, I has a Tumblelog. Go check it out.


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Valentine’s Playlist

EDIT2: Slightly revised the list, and the music works when you play it now. 😛
EDIT: Finally finished uploading all the music. 😀

Valentine’s Day this year seemed to be a lot more, um, lively compared to past years. There was the FebEx delivery service (where people could have gifts delivered anonymously or otherwise) and all, and it just felt like there was love in the air today (palpable enough for even me to feel it 😛 ). Because of that, I decided to make a playlist of songs that would fit today–love songs that I think wouldn’t seem out of place playing in the background today (i.e., nothing overly emo). The list is by no means complete, though, and sorry for posting this so late. Continue reading ‘Valentine’s Playlist’


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Vacation Idyllic–Over.

I haven’t been able to think of anything decent to write at all for the past two months or so, reason unknown (I do have an idea though). So, why have I chosen today to make an effort to return? Well, I guess that having school looming over my head made me think about whether my vacation was actually worth it (don’t worry, I will expound), and maybe also because I was sick of not being able to write (in fact, I’m fighting the urge to stop writing now, but if I give in I’ll probably never get to writing because I want to again). Continue reading ‘Vacation Idyllic–Over.’


A Reminder

For my batchmates.

Our perios start tomorrow, and I also know there are lots of projects due. With this heavy burden, I’m pretty sure there are people out there, worrying their heads off. It’s certainly understandable, and I wouldn’t be surprised to hear it, but what I have to say now is this:

And never, ever forget that. 😀

PS: The above video also applies to anyone who worries a lot.
PPS: Sorry I wasn’t able to write anything more meaningful, still haven’t studied yet.


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