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Back again, plugging my tito’s new project, Pelicola (coming in January next year). Pelicola is more or less the first Internet TV site in the Philippines (UPDATE: described by my tito as a “brain fart” kind of thing), with shows such as Alive at the Womb. Here’s a description of what Alive at the Womb is, from the teaser vid on YouTube:

“Alive at the Womb” is a 20-minute live music recording show shot on Wombworks Studio Marikina (hence the “womb”) and is launching on January 2009 on first Internet Television Site in the Philippines. The show features selected artists performing 3 songs interspersed with inuman session discussions; it’s like seeing the band on- and off-stage.

And here’s the vid itself (watch out for the bass solo in the middle of the song):

Now, remember that date. January 2009.


Unusually good day.

I know I haven’t exactly been active here, with most of the recent posts being emo ones at that, but for some reason, today’s motivated me to write about it. I don’t know if my day was just that good, but I’m going to take advantage of that motivation and write something not emo, for once. LOL Continue reading ‘Unusually good day.’


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Ramayana As Recompense

If you remember first year, we had this thing called a “class play”. If you were my classmate and/or close friend and/or acquaintance in first year too, then you would remember my contribution to our play–a fantastic one at that: I was co-director. If your definition for co-director is “transcendental slacker who leaves job to others”, that is. Needless to say, I was about as useful as an umbrella in the middle of El Nino. Subsequently I have felt regret at my actions, partially because my lack of involvement in the play got me a 1.25 in English.

So, now that we have another play in third year (the Ramayana), I’ve resolved not to slack off in this one. If you’re reading this and you’re my classmate, wish me luck. If you’re from another section, well, good luck to you. Anyway, I think I’m doing well so far, but since the play isn’t until the end of August, only time will tell. Although I will admit that it’s hard being Vishnu, especially when you only have two arms.

P.S.: Just felt like that.

P.P.S.: Also, I has a Tumblelog. Go check it out.


Firefox Three!

I’d like to take this opportunity to plug Firefox 3, not that it needs much plugging, as one of the best browsers right now. It’s just that Firefox has become so awesome, they’re going for a world record: most downloads in twenty-four hours. Be a part of this–get Firefox now! 😀

(I may sound like a fanatic, but I just really like how useful Firefox is, especially when you stuff it to the brim with add-ons like I do.)

Get it here, and see how many people have joined the cause too! XD

P.S.: The record time may be over soon, but it doesn’t matter. Firefox is just too good for you to pass up. 😛

P.P.S.: According to my good buddy Josh, the time ends at around one in the morning on June 19 (for those of us who live in the Philippines). DOWNLOAD NOW!


Of Dimsum And Discounts

Just got back from a four day-long Hong Kong (or 香港, if you want) trip two days ago, and I must say, that was one of the best trips I’ve ever had (then again, most HK trips are fun). I’m going to narrate in varying detail what happened, partly for your entertainment but mostly so I don’t forget lol. Oh, and this is damned long, you have been forewarned. Continue reading ‘Of Dimsum And Discounts’


I feel fifteen now.

I don’t think everyone wants to see this, so just click if you read the tags and don’t mind.

Continue reading ‘I feel fifteen now.’


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