The Cloud State

Miraculously enough, there’s no homework due tomorrow, leaving me with time to write about my current state: the CLOUD STATE!

This is one of the coolest states I’ve ever been in. It’s more or less where you’re a cloud–floating around, and all your worries are clouds too, just drifting by, leaving you without anything to really worry about. You know you’ll fall eventually, but you can’t help enjoying that free feeling. 😀

So what are those other clouds, for me?

  1. Impending schoolwork doom. Everybody hates these–the long tests, the homeworks, the projects that are just far away enough to put off, but too near to forget about. It’s sort of like waking up on a school day: you don’t want to, but you know you’ll have to or else you’ll regret it. Add to that my resolve to not mess this year up (liked I messed second year up) and you have quite the cloud. 😛
  2. Body structure fail. If you know me, then you know what is arguably my single most obvious characteristic: I’m incredibly thin. I’ve learned to live with it, but that doesn’t mean I like it–I’d rather be slightly more normal. Or, failing that, I’d like to be better than normal. XD
  3. Superficiality. I want a Macbook Pro. I want new books. I want a cool hat. I want a new phone. I want another Guitar Hero guitar. I want one of those plastic-melting lasers. I want faster Internet. I want more Wiimotes. I want shades. I want to be retainer-less; they are an improvement over braces however. I want pot. I want some model kits. So come on, whine with me!
  4. Something missing.. Ask me about this personally, but I’m not guaranteeing I’ll give you an answer–it’s not something I really talk about.
  5. Teh futurez. We all have to deal with this at one point or another. Let’s just say that right now, I’m a long way from that point, but I’m approaching fast. I’m being asked what direction I want to go in for the rest of my life, but I’m still at that place where things are still so open, or so unplanned yet. It’s pretty hard moving from that place, especially if you’ve been used to being there all your life.

I’m still in the cloud state, by the way–it took some effort for me to enumerate those clouds. Maybe I shouldn’t have given that list, since I think I’m slowly falling back to earth, haha.


1 Response to “The Cloud State”

  1. November 27, 2009 at 3:28 am

    Stunning, I did not know about that till now. Thx!

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