(Non-)New Year’s Resolutions

The only thing constant in life is change.

This has been proven to be true for me many times, and I’m sure it’s true for you too. However, my tito gave me an eye-opener over the vacation, and I think I’ve changed along with life: as I said to a friend, I think I have a clearer picture of what I have to do now, and plan to do. Before I list ’em down though, I’d like to say that this has nothing to do with the “new year, new start” principle–I just want to change, preferably for the better.

I resolve to become a better person. I know I’m mean and nasty (well, sometimes), and yes, I know that’s not a good thing. Therefore, I’m going to make an effort to be someone people consider “nice” or (since nice has no meaning) “mabait”, or at least to not be as mean and nasty as I think I am now. 😛

Also part of becoming a better person is improving my mind (no, not that way–perv), in terms of what springs from it, like what I say or do (which is sometimes incoherent, at least IMO). Expected end-result is me, but with less of my brain on idle.

I resolve to diversify. I’ve come to realize that I don’t really have many tricks up my sleeve, which can get pretty boring (repetitiveness, monotony, etc). So, I have ideas for what I can do to remedy this (some of them are already in motion, some will take place when I have the time), but basically this should lead to me becoming more well-rounded. Not saying what I plan to do here, though: I’d prefer to keep those a secret, at the most known only by a few.

I resolve to get smart. Not, I repeat, not academics-wise (though I sure wouldn’t mind my grades going up), but street smarts-wise, in which I’m sadly lacking, and would dearly like to improve. Besides, being book-smart isn’t much if you can’t back it up. As of now, I’m not exactly sure as to how to follow through with this (I have some ideas that still need working on), but I guess I’ll just seize any chance I get.

I resolve to expel general laziness. This is probably my biggest vice: my tendency to suddenly turn into a living liquid/procrastinator. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, I have laziness in spades, and that is definitely a “Bad Thing”. This ties in to diversifying: if I have lots of things to do, there will be less time to be tamad, which means I get more things done, which is a good thing. I know it’s going to be hard going against my core belief since day one of my life, but it hasn’t brought me any good, and as it’s said, idle hands are the devil’s workshop.

All the things I’ve said can be condensed into one statement, which I will concentrate my energies into abiding by:

I resolve to evolve.

PS: Thanks to my tito for imparting most of this knowledge.

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