For the past three weekdays, we’ve had our InHumanities Festival, a yearly event dedicated to the Humanities subjects in Pisay: English, Filipino, Social Science, Values Education, PEHM and Art. It used to be Humanities Week, actually–but since we missed a buttload of classes, the admin decided to lop two days off the event and call it a festival instead. Anyway, it hasn’t lost much of its hectic-ness, with almost the whole school worrying their heads off with all the things we present through the three days. Here’s a quick rundown of those three days, and hopefully you’ll begin to understand why it’s called Inhumanities Week.

WARNING: This post is colossal.

Oh, and before that, here are the few pictures I took:

Fashion Show


day one: september thirteen

Started out with the usual parade, then everyone settled down to watch the opening performances. First years went first, with this Filipino dance that I can’t remember the name of, then the third years with a dance of their own, then the fourth years with some creative marching (one group even formed a swastika, and then performed what I call the ‘Hitler salute’). After that, the first years performed the Konan/Conan, the traditional dance performed by all the first years in Pisay (yes, we performed that too). Next up was the Laro ng Lahi.

The Laro ng Lahi is also a customary part of the Humanities Festival, with teams comprised of sections across the four batches competing in multiple games, from the Human Wheel (a number of people step inside a continuous chain of rice sacks and try to make it move from one end of the field to the other–the basic principle is like that of tank treads), to the Egg Relay (a classic, this one involves teams of people carrying a real plastic egg in their mouths, running for a set distance, then passing the egg to the next person in line, until all the members of the team have passed the egg). The one this year was good fun, with our team (the Blue Team) doing quite well, maybe because of Conrad providing ‘oral support’ by shouting “BLOW! BLOW!”. It seems to have worked, because from what I observed, our team was doing pretty well–but then I left to have lunch.

Ahh, lunch–perfect time for relaxing, if it were not for the fact that the ValEd poster for the ACLE the next day was due today, and that I didn’t know it. So, my lunch had me making trips to the back to buy materials, and looking for Borgy so we could cram our poster (better to submit something rushed than not submit anything at all). After that, I was able to relax for a while again–until it was announced that the ACLE registrations were open, so naturally I rushed up to the second floor to sign up early. After some time (getting things organized, I presume), I was finally able to register, and return to my lunch–eat in peace and all that, before the KKKwiz.

The KKKwiz is an event that started last year, and it’s a Social Science competition–the competitors are eight four-person teams: one person per batch per team (one person per class is selected from the elimination round). The competitors are asked a multitide of questions with various topics ranging from world history to–get this–economics (I think the upperclassmen are in charge of this). Anyway, last year Jeff (classmate of mine last year) was part of the winning team, and since then he has been occasionally called ‘Gawad Supremo’. This year though, halimaw (according to, er, someone XD) Jeff didn’t win, although his team did bag second place. Oh, and the intermission involved questions directed at the audience, with prizes being awarded to the people who got the right (duh) answers. Personally, I found the competition slightly dreary, but I think that was just because I was tired (yeah, I fell asleep during the first part of the quiz)–but i made up for it by paying attention near the end (I even moved up to the front).

day two: september fourteen

First event of the day was the ACLE (Alternative Classroom Learning Experience), which this year was a bunch of movie screenings (both foreign–no green jokes please–and local), with a talk or two thrown in for good measure. The ones I attended were the talk on movie and film review (the one Borgy and I had to do a poster about) and Kubrador, an award-winning film about the life of a jueteng bookie and the people around her (jueteng is an illegal gambling game wildly popular in the Philippines, especially among the poor). Oh, and there was a debate too–it’s just that it was at the same time as the ACLE, so I (along with lots of other second years) didn’t make it–all I know is that Sir Joey‘s team lost. 😛

The talk was alright–it was basically the chairman of the MTRCB talking about how they do things, and a short recap of recent ratings (yes, and the controversial movies too). After that, quite a lot of questions were asked by both the audience and the speaker, and I was able to answer one of the questions, so now I have this really awesome Music and Lyrics shirt that quite a few people (mostly girls, though) are after. Kubrador was a bit confusing, though–although that would probably be because I wasn’t paying much attention (preferring to talk to people nearby), and the food Joel brought from the cafeteria certainly didn’t improve my focus.

After that was lunch, then the Fashion Show (which I bought Sarsi and Mongolian food for). The theme this year, from what I gathered, was ‘possible future Pisay uniforms’. Good theme too, it gave me (and presumably other people too) ideas on what our current (read: relatively dull) uniforms could turn into. Overall, the fashion show was good (I have pictures, it’s just that they’re candid and mostly on Joaq‘s camera), although I’m pretty sure many people were surprised by a certain decision the judges made (I refuse to elaborate :P). Anyway, after that came the declaring of Mr and Ms Pisay (I don’t think I voted XD), yet more dance practices (we had them yesterday too, after dismissal)–and then day two was over.

day three: september seventeen

Pretty much only one important official part for us second years: Katutubong Sayaw. All the second year sections basically have to perform a Filipino dance, and ours was called ‘Sayaw sa Bangko’ (I think). The whole morning before we performed (when the first years had their Kilos-Awit, where they act out songs instead of singing them) was spent rehearsing (I mean, come on–it’s not easy dancing on narrow benches, especially when they’re stacked one on top of the other). At last, we had a decent run-through, and then everyone went to change (I had to borrow a shirt from Iman, because the one that was in my bag had a bit of green in it). Anyway, after that, we just went to our classroom, bummed around a little bit, had one last run-through (thankfully it went almost perfectly), and then watched the rest of the classes (which all did pretty well, in my opinion). After a while, it was our turn to go outside and prepare, and we prayed too (maybe that’s why we did so well). So we got up on stage and danced, not without mistakes (I lost balance once, and one foot fell off the bench), but I do believe it was quite good, and could have been a lot worse. After everyone danced, the awards were given out, and guess what?


Unbelievable, considering our dance wasn’t perfect (sorry na po), but still–we got a prize! Maybe it was because our dance was hard (they did say that the harder the dance, the better the grade), and because we were nearly perfect! Definitely a good change from being last (like last year, in the Kilos-Awit).

After that, some people had practice for the English Speech Choir (you read out songs instead of singing them), but there were also a lot of people that just loafed around until their sundo showed up (yours truly included). In fact, there was so much time that I did nothing (that is to say, sleep). Also I brought out the popcorn I brought to school, but strangely enough, I didn’t open it (maybe tomorrow na lang). Also, I brought home one of the benches from our Katutubong Sayaw (the only decent one left, in fact).

In retrospect, that’s probably one of the most tiring events of the year (that’s why some people have taken to calling it InHumanities Week), but it was also one of the most fulfilling (and there’s no more Katutubong Sayaw practice). That’s probably why we have one each year: it exists because it’s fun, and it’s unique because having more than one would put too much a strain on the students).

…I better go do something else before I write something similar to Geometry again.

PS: I’ll try to find a way to upload all the pictures and videos that I have, but don’t count on it.
PPS: I forgot, on the third day, Cam also had a buttload of pizza brought over, and I gave her herpes in return (a piece of paper with the word ‘herpes’ written on it). XD
PPPS: I also forgot–on the third day, there was what I call ‘The War of the Popcorn’, with the girls trying to eat the popcorn, and the guys preventing it from being eaten. Outcome: I have the popcorn safe and sound with me now (I’ll bring it to school again tomorrow na lang). XD


7 Responses to “Inhumanities”

  1. September 17, 2007 at 6:48 pm

    get a multiply, so that you can upload pics. 😀

    haha. inhumanities. T_T

  2. 2 conrad
    September 17, 2007 at 7:38 pm


    ang saya kaya ng katutubong sayaw. mas naging close ang camia. 😛

  3. 3 Joe
    September 17, 2007 at 7:46 pm

    tapos nakita ng lahat ang ‘mad dancing skills’ mo! XD

  4. September 17, 2007 at 10:38 pm


    You’re right– it was tiring, but it was totally worth it. 🙂

  5. 5 Joe
    September 17, 2007 at 10:42 pm

    ay, mayabang. 😛

    good thing we have this kind of thing every year. 😀

    oh, and i’ll bring the popcorn again tomorrow (but i won’t open it). XD

    September 19, 2007 at 10:25 pm


    asshole =))


  7. 7 Joe
    September 19, 2007 at 10:28 pm

    your fault for taking it. >:)

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