I feel so tired right now, and at midnight, my first impulse would be to just crawl upstairs and fall on my bed. However, I have three things to talk about, two of which aren’t limited to Pisay people: Family Day, the Bloggers’ Kapihan, and Avenue Q. We’ll start with that first one, get it over with right away. Oh, and if you’re a blogger or want to be one, or if you’re into plays, read this through to the end.

Family Day, as usual, consisted of the different batches engaging in a little friendly competition in the form of games, and culminated in the awarding of the overall winner and the model batch awards, and the batch lunch as well. Did I mention that the report cards were given afterward? Anyway, let’s turn the detail level up a bit: sneaking out of the gym to buy food while most of the people were inside cheering their respective batches on (I say ‘most’ because I saw a good number of people outside too); running through the front of the campus, the ground floor of the gym and sneaking around the second floor of the gym with Alvin, trying to get away from–well, I’m sure you can fill in the rest for yourself; walking around the fourth floor auditorium during the batch lunch (and settling in on the stage, then wandering around again); and getting my report card (no, I will not give my grades here–suffice it to say that I don’t like them). Oh, and I have pictures, which you will get to see once I find a place to put them.

The next event was the Bloggers’ Kapihan, which came almost right after Family Day. Bloggers’ Kapihan is an event which will be held regularly (the one today is the first one), and it obviously talks about blogging. The subtitle for the one today is “Blogging Beyond the Basics”, and appropriately enough, the speakers talked about what I like to call ‘advanced blogging’, or simply not blogging like how most people do, which is to basically chronicle their lives (no offense meant to those people out there who do that–I do that too).

The guest speakers were Victor Villanueva on blogging as a student, Abe Olandres on tech and pro blogging, and Manuel L. Quezon III on blogging and politics. What they basically did was give tips, relate blogging experiences of their own (such as say, getting sued) or relating blogging to things you might not connect with blogging at all (like say, sex). It was all good fun, and there should have been more of it (oh, and there were lots of other people that should have been there too), but anyway, these are the two points that stuck in my head the most because of the speakers (I’m not saying they said this, I’m just saying these got stuck in my head after listening to them speak):

If you want people to read your blog, blog about something people will read. Sounds pretty simple and straightforward, right? Also, this explains why there are lots of blogs out there that don’t get many hits (like this one), and why there are some blogs out there that get hit so many times it’s unfair (like TMB). It’s because people like me use blogs to chronicle their lives, so the audience is limited to the number of people the blog author knows personally, while the blogs that people read a lot have material which can entertain or inform a wide range of people (sometimes it does both). Anyway, from what I can predict, using this tactic will help a lot–but be careful what you blog about, make sure you stay true to why you started that blog in the first place.

Don’t go shooting your mouth fingers off. People use blogs as an extension of who they are, so it’s natural that people express feelings on their blogs. Sometimes, though, it’s possible to say something regrettable, and once the damage has been done, it’s not very easy to fix. Take for example one of the speakers I mentioned earlier–a mere comment on his blog got him sued. Remember, that was just a comment–how much more damage would have been done if the speaker had actually posted something offensive? Bottom line is, watch what you type.

You can bet I’ll be using those thought in the future, so keep watching this spot. Right, time for Avenue Q.

Avenue Q is a Tony (the stage equivalent of the Oscars) award-winning musical which is a spoof of Sesame Street, in the sense that it uses puppets and similar whimsical characters, but different in the sense that it touches on themes like homosexuality and pornography. In fact, the play has some language and graphic scenes, so it’s R-15 (yeah, yeah, I know). The play is about a fresh college graduate who’s just moved into the titular Avenue Q, a low-class neighborhood. Anyway, for those of you who haven’t been put off by the rest of the stuff I’ve said about it, two words: utterly hilarious. Seriously, if you don’t get scandalized, you’ll be laughing out loud in your seat the whole time. I can’t give away the funny parts without spoiling the play, but I can say that a lot of songs you may know came from this play, like ‘The Internet Is For Porn’, ‘I’m Not Wearing Underwear Today’, and ‘Schadenfreude’. As I’ve said numerous times before, highly recommended–if you think you can stand it.

…I wanna have more days like this, they’re good fun–and I have something decent to write about.


7 Responses to “Deviations”

  1. 1 jatdacanay
    September 9, 2007 at 9:03 am

    DAMN! I missed those…and who got the domain?

  2. 2 Joe
    September 9, 2007 at 2:44 pm

    no one yet, the domain’s still up for grabs for the people who showed up.

  3. 3 steelsnapper24
    September 9, 2007 at 5:56 pm

    DAMN! I still missed it anyway…

  4. 4 Joe
    September 9, 2007 at 6:19 pm

    haha, sucks to you. XD

  5. September 9, 2007 at 7:12 pm

    i swear, i do not want to go hide and sick ever again. not with you guys. T_T

    …i see you’re putting pics now. :))

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