Don’t blame me, I just heard this on the radio last night.

My favorite part would have to be the scene where the dude is kneeling in front of the girl in a kimono, and when she throws away the ring he offers her. So heartbreaking.

I feel unusually drained and nasty right now, and it’s like all I want to do is sit down (lying down would work too) and stare. I already lashed out at my parents, and I know that was a big mistake (I need to get rid of this excess negativity). However, part of me (most likely Vincent) wants to write, so here goes katamaran.

Yesterday was, well, unusually different, in that for (probably) the first time in my life, I attended a wake of my own decision. I’m not going to give any more details–enough people know about it already–but to the person I visited, if you’re reading this, I want you to know I’m sorry about what happened, I promise to pray for you, and if there’s anything you need, just let me know. I’m also sorry for not being able to say anything decent last night.

Because of the aforementioned event (and other things), yesterday wasn’t really much of a good day, but I guess it could certainly have been worse. Today was somewhat better, though–no quizzes, I got to get some rest (sorry, Ma’am Dacs) and we finally met the new Chemistry teacher. He seems to be alright, in fact a bit absent-minded (which is good), but I think Ma’am Velasco would still have been better.

Oh, yes–tomorrow’s Family Day. I really hope everything goes well, from the cheer dance, to the report cards (I hope I make it to DL), and the Blogger’s Kapihan (I want that domain). I’ll also be sporting a camera tomorrow, thanks to my dad.

In non-school news:
The new iPods are out
I want one of these
I found this just now (yeah, so sue me)
This is an RSS here now
I’m mastering this
and I wrote this.

See ya.


1 Response to “Slump”

  1. September 7, 2007 at 9:59 pm

    haha you embedded the rss feed here.

    AND I ALSO WANT THAT DOMAIN, DUDE. T_T host me if you win, please? XD

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