Classes Without Classes

Today was an unusual school day, because we had to go to school, and yet we didn’t have classes, only watching presentations (actually just one) and attending ceremonies (also actually just one). Still, I don’t mind, because it gave me a break from classes, and who wouldn’t want a break from classes!? Anyway, one bummer today is that Ma’am Velasco, our Chemistry teacher, won’t be teaching second year anymore (from what I’ve heard, she’ll be teaching third years now). We’ll all get an unnamed-as-yet new Chemistry teacher, but I don’t care–I wish we still under her.

I find it quite weird that I can sleep at ten in the evening on a school day and feel more tired than if I had slept at midnight. No reason, just observing. I’m putting this on the Musings page.

The whole morning was spent in the gym, first with a mass (which I and some other Himig members had to miss due to practice), then with ceremonies (a few speeches, some presentations, and mainly the announcing of the Director’s List awardees for last school year, and honoring people such as long-sufferingserving teachers and distinguished Pisay alumni). After that came a thankfully long lunch break (I say thankfully because we had to practice for our Katutubong Sayaw, and our dance is quite exhausting).

The afternoon consisted of the talent show, the teachers’ performances, the look-alikes and the Mr and Ms Pisay candidates. The talent show had a lot of different people performing: Himig Agham, Sagala, Samapi, Children (aka band nina Ingco), Andie (with what I call a ‘violin solo’, which is like a guitar solo but with a violin) and maSKara (sorry to anyone I may have forgotten).

Next came the performances of the teachers: Sir Mardan, Sir Guce and Sir Espinas performing ‘Sexyback’, Ma’am Sagucio performing ‘Baby One More Time’, and Ma’am Yu-Hico, Ma’am Toledo, Ma’am Osit and Ma’am Orate(!!!) performing ‘Sway’ (all the performances I talked about had other teachers too, it’s just that the ones I mentioned are the only ones I could remember). The star was undoubtedly Sir Mardan, who was commonly agreed to be the best dancer that day (I agree too), and in fact people envy Camia now.

The look-alikes thing was weird: it showed teachers, and students who resembled them. While not everyone looked that similar, there were still students that bore an uncanny resemblance to the teachers, so all in all it was worthwhile. The Mr and Ms Pisay thing was okay–we got to know all the candidates, including quite a few from our year (Lance, Cat, Athena, Jaymari, Jil, and did I miss anyone?), and that fourth year who seems very likely to win (the dude that spoke in Kapampangan and Ilocano).

That was pretty much the end of the day, except for staying in the ASTB, waiting for the cheerdance practice to start (and Andie nearly finishing all my rum cake, and stopping only because I asked her to). Other than that, well, I can’t think of anything else that happened.

PS: Hmm, strangely enough, I’ve been feeling happy over the past few months, with some fluctuations, but nothing major. Today it went up a bit, I think, and I’m interested as to what’s going to happen next. Obviously, I’m hoping for increases, although it could easily go downhill.

PPS: Why are so many people dying now? It’s disturbing…


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