One-Day Weekend

I loathe Saturday classes with every single fiber of my being. Why? Simple: they are on a Saturday. Saturday is my free day, solely dedicated to resting after a week of classes. They are supposed to be full of loafing around, playing Starcraft or writing. Having classes on a Saturday is utterly contradictory, in my opinion.

However, I can’t do anything about it, so I just gave up and went to class. Good thing it was Thursday schedule, because we sang in AFP Theater last Thursday (I was able to ask about whatever I missed). Thankfully, there wasn’t any homework, and the only requirements I missed were two CompSci quizzes (which will just be removed from my average), so no harm done.

Another reason Saturday classes sucked was because I messed up big time again. To the people who know about it, quiet lang ah, and to the person I messed up big time to, sori ulit.

Today had enough fun for two weekend days, though: in the morning, International Book Fair (I left with at least six books), in the afternoon, writing (two fics up!), getting a haircut (I look like Joel if my hair is standing on end) and reading (Edgar Allan Poe is awesome), in the evening, writing this (thereby gaining an extension on my bedtime). The only damper would be the fact that in the morning, out of boredom, I liberally waxed my hair, so I was stuck with waxy, sticky hair the whole day (despite trying to get it off with shampoo twice).

Bah, that’s in the past, now I have more ideas for fics. I might even write a fanfic songfic–yes, I know, I did say I wouldn’t be writing fanfiction, which is why I’m not yet sure if I should implement that particular idea, although I’m being told to write about it (*glances meaningfully at Andie*). We’ll see if that idea ever sees the light of day.


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