I’ve finished my first story! It’s over at the Fiction page. Tell me what you think, I’m new to this. Also, I might start working on the EnSci essay, so when that’s done, I’ll put it up here too.

School today was a drag–seriously, no one wants to have Saturday classes, least of all me. Some things did make up for it, though: Ma’am Orate wasn’t there, disliking weekend classes as well (leaving a mere seatwork), I found out I had nothing to make up for (the quizzes would just be removed from my grade), and we finally started on our Katutubong Sayaw. It’s quite unusual, if you ask me–although that may be just because I’ve never done anything like it before. Also, the day progressed remarkably smoothly, and Sir Job didn’t show up again for SocSci, as usual.

For once, I stayed long in school–my parents were going to their homecoming for a little while, and they decided that I should just go home with them. When we were there (yes, they brought me along), I wondered, will we, as a batch, come to these things once we graduate? I certainly hope so, because that might be the only connection some of us might have once high school is over.

After getting home, I wrote the story. It took unexpectedly long, two hours of near-nonstop writing (my cousin had to use the computer for a bit). Eventually I got it done, and I have to say, I’m quite proud of finishing my first fictional piece that wasn’t written for school. You might also notice that it’s not fanfiction–I don’t really plan to write fanfics, preferring to work with whatever I can come up with on my own.

That’s it for now, I really should be going to bed (we’re going to the book fair in World Trade Center early tomorrow), but I probably won’t; thinking of how I can fill up the Musings page is very engaging.


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