Oh, sh–dear.

Here I sit at half past ten, having just gotten home an hour ago. Let’s retrace my steps and figure out why I took so damn long to get home. Wow, I’m writing a lot more now, maybe my life’s not as monotonous as it used to be.

I got home after being picked up by my parents, which came after leaving AFP Theater at 8:30 PM, which came after fooling around with Josh and Joaq (and making an interpretative dance of ‘The Impossible Dream’) and more kalokohan, which came after Himig Agham practice (because we’re performing in a sort of concert tomorrow, wish us luck) mixed with free food (Jollibee, but I didn’t get any, as I was full of the food I had brought), which came after leaving Pisay in a coaster and spending the time acting stupid, making people laugh, and generally annoying Joaq.

For those of you who have no idea how to interpret that, it means we (Himig Agham) are singing tomorrow in a concert(?) dedicated to previous Pisay batches, if I’m not mistaken. Today was our general rehearsal, and tomorrow is the performance itself (gulp, my parents will be watching). Bottom line? I just hope I don’t mess up tomorrow, because if my performance today is anything to go by, then I’m fu–I mean, I’m going to be in deep sh–er, trouble. I’ll rant write about what happened tomorrow.

PS: Oh, wait–there’s a Geometry long test on Friday! How in the world am I going to study for that at 9 PM, more so if I have homework to do!?!?!?


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