Highway To Hell LOLz

Well, this week was pretty short (read: no classes on Monday, and field trip on Friday), but that didn’t mean it was easy, no sirree. You see, we had no classes on Monday because we had to watch the SONA, so that took time. Also, there was a crapload of projects (there were the two Geom ones, and I also decided to make the Filipino puppet, which I will sadly have to redo, owing to its not being of the right size), which contributed to a severe lack of sleep last Monday night. There was also a crapload of long tests this week, which I’m sure many of you know about (and the perios are next week already GASP), but there were some good points, too, which I will elaborate on in a bit.

The first one would be the field trip we just had today, which was to CCP to watch the Pisay movie by Aureaus Solito. So we left by 8 AM, in cars because the school opted not to rent buses (so I ended up in Marco’s car, along with Patrick, Iman, Jo-ed, Mirko and Ma’am Osit), and we spent roughly an hour or so in the car, eating (a good deal of) junk food and fooling around by passing messages between our car and Cat’s (poking fun at Marco in the process). When we got there, we spent a good amount of time just loitering around outside the theater, and I spent that time by fooling around even more (by exploring with Alvin, who went inside the ladies’ bathroom and even allowed me to take a picture of him, by just talking with my friends, and receiving some news (Sampaguita went to Dencio’s!?). Long story short, we eventually watched the movie, which has led me to make two statements: Pisay The Movie is t3h r0xx0rz, and never underestimate indie films. Now, for those of you who don’t know this movie, it chronicles the lives of eight kids as they go through four years in Pisay (during martial law, mind you). Highly recommended–to anyone, as there are decent subtitles. The movie also contains a good deal of slang (Egis, er’p!), and was a lot of fun–but also a tearjerker, thereby earning it the title of ‘dramedy’. Oh, and I sat beside Alvin in the theater. On the way home, we ate some more junk food, and mostly fell asleep (and I learned that Sampaguita didn’t go to Dencio’s; they went to Starbucks and Jollibee–but they did go to Dencio’s on the way home). At Pisay, I found out the reason why many people took a long time to get there, and it wasn’t traffic: most of them stopped over to get food, with a lot of people sporting softdrinks from McDo or Jollibee. Highly unfair, if you ask me.

Oh, and to the one who read the previous post: I’m really happy you liked it, and thanks to you, I’m not as emo as I was any more, although your reply did make me happy and sad at the same time. Still, as long as you liked it, I don’t mind–and I hope you watched the video, as it’s an important part of that post too. 😀 Thanks for taking the time to read it again, it really meant a lot to me. 😀


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