You may be wondering about the title, but on the other hand, you may have gotten it already. You may have also noticed that I only post around weekends (or post flatliners on weekdays). This is because I’m busy during weekdays, and don’t always have the time to post. In any case, I’ll talk about that later, instead preferring to whine about my week (well, part of my week anyway).

Overall, it was pretty crappy, alright (there was that hellish Biology lab report, and the not-as hellish-but-still-hellish Geometry history too), and there were long tests (Biology, though it wasn’t really very hard, and Physics, which was substantially harder), which cost me a good deal of sleep (which is why I woke up past 4 in the afternoon today, but I think I have an alternate cause for that). But as usual, with every cloud there is a silver lining. Friday was good, thanks to Marz and Joel, who had 3 KFC buckets and 3 Yellow Cab pizzas delivered, respectively. The week before Wednesday night was also pretty good, although I did have to libre some people (Please, don’t say ‘I’m thirsty’ if you don’t want me to something about it. It drives me nuts. You know who you are).

Undoubtedly the best day of the week was Friday (cue “Friday I’m In Love” by The Cure), because aside from the colossal amount of free food, we got to watch Transformers just ONE DAY after its premiere!!!!!!!!!!11111oneoneone It was BLOODY awesome, I’ll give it that–and it was miraculous that we were able to get seats, even without prior reservations (although we were only able to get good seats for the last full show). I could go on and on about the movie, but then I’d be spoiling it for all you people who haven’t watched it yet. Suffice it to say that it’s fantabulous and mind-blowing, and that the Transformers have some very, er, unexpected lines and do some pretty funny stuff (so that the movie isn’t purely action, there’s also a good deal of comedy in it). Highly recommended, and now I’ll leave you with this song from the movie (which has become my LSS, as of July 1).


1 Response to “OPTIMUS PRIME FTW”

  1. June 30, 2007 at 8:43 pm

    agh. dapat pala sumama na ako kay ada nung friday >.

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