Halfway Point

So, here I am, smack bang in the middle of summer. I’ve gone to Donsol, Tagaytay and Fontana, bought PS2 games (and gotten addicted to one, Final Fantasy XII), gone nocturnal, engaged in swimming almost every day, and done something about the computer problem at home (I plan to format it as soon as I borrow my tito’s external hard drive). I’m also accompanied by some of my cousins (oh, and there are also things I’d rather not mention in such a public place). However, these ups are also accompanied by downs, such as the presence of abysmal Chinese lessons (which cast a deadly shadow), seeing this, endless monotony/boredom (characterized by all the recent flatliner post, lol) and the presence of cousins (and again, there are things I’d rather not mention in a public place).

All in all, this half-summer has been pretty much a mixed bag (and I expect the second half to be similarly mixed), and I guess I wouldn’t have it any other way. However, there is something else to think about as well: the impending doom presented by the next school year (okay, maybe I’m exaggerating, but it can still cause anxiety, right?). Sure, there’s the so-called “anticipation of things to come”, but there’s also “dread of things to come”. Here, at the halfway point, I have two options: go back (leave my mindset in first year), where I can reminisce (but refuse to change anything), or I can go onward and open my mind (keep the old while introducing the new, right?). Does it seem like an easy decision to you? I thought so. Hopefully, it won’t become one of those decisions I will end up regretting–although who can regret a decision like that?


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